What’s the difference between homemade and bad CNY Goodies?

With a wide variety of Chinese New Year Goodies to choose from this CNY 2019, we’re hoping everyone gets only the best goodies this year! Having been in the Chinese New Year confectionery business for more than 40 years, we hope this article will help you greatly!

Machine Made, Mass Produced Goodies

Homemade chinese new year are goodies that are baked with by, at home and without much machinery. In the past, almost all new year cookies were baked by hand. With the invention of new technology, many bakeries turned to automation and machinery to increase the volume of their production. This led to a huge drop in the quality and taste of Chinese New Year Goodies as huge amounts of goodies were manufactured in assembly lines without much concern for the taste. The good thing about this is that the prices of many goodies went down due to the lower cost of mass producing these goodies.

The problem with machine made Chinese New Year goodies was that these goodies soon had “machine-like” tastes. These goodies were mass produced in a way that produced a very bland taste. Some of the problems with mass-produced goodies include:

  • Poor Quality Ingredients Substituted for Higher Profit Margin
  • Margarine instead of Butter used
  • Artificial sweeteners and taste
  • Harmful flavouring ingredients
  • Lots of preservatives to extend shelf life
  • Some CNY Goodies stored for 2-3 Years before being sold!
  • Weight Gain and Health Problems with mass produced goodies

However, not every shop turned to mass-producing. A few bakeries still continued to bake their goodies the traditional way, by hand. As a result, they still managed to retain the quality and taste of their products. Even so, these shops still could not beat the taste of true homemade Chinese New Year goodies as many baking families had recipes passed down generation after generation which even real bakeries didn’t have access to. It wasn’t just the recipes that made a difference, the ingredients in each goodie were entirely different! Bakeries do not have time to carefully source each ingredient from the best sources that will produce the kind of unique tastes that homemade Chinese New Year Goodies had.

Poon Confectionary – Better Than Homemade!

At Poon Confectionary, we guarantee that every goodie purchased from us is homemade. Our business model and vision is very simple – We want to preserve and sustain the home bakers of our village to make more delicious cookies!

  • Special Recipes For Every Goodie
  • High Quality Ingredients
  • Natural Premium Danish Butter
  • Natural spices and flavours
  • No Preservatives
  • FRESHLY baked
  • Healthy & Wholesome

Specialty in Every Bite

The wonders of working in this way is that every goodie is made by a family that’s specialized in it. Famous family recipes passed down for generations are used to make the very goodies you purchase!

We believe that over the years, we’ve succeeded in being one of the only few confectionaries to be able to say that ALL of our Chinese New Year goodies are homemade! So rest assured that when you purchase from us at CNYDelivery.com, your goodies are certainly made with only the best!


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