Top 6 places to get Chinese New Year Decorations


Top 6 places to get Chinese New Year Decorations

Many people travel home for the Chinese New Year Celebration to spend time with their families, so, having the house properly decorated is a necessity. It is one of the major activities heralding the Chinese New Year celebration. Decoration items are more important than being just aesthetically pleasing, getting the right decoration can provide a lift in the appearance of a room or an office. They are also signs of goodwill, most of them carry or symbolize messages of prosperity, good luck and health for those around.

Another reason why decoration items are important is because some of them can be given as gifts to friends, families, business partners or work colleagues as a sign of goodwill towards them.

Finding the appropriate decoration items can be a bit of a drag especially if you want to do something different this year. This is why we have gone ahead to investigate the best places for getting Chinese New Year decorations in Singapore. Here is a list of the top 6 places we found:

Masons Home Décor

Although they are a new player in the Singaporean home décor and furniture scene, Masons home decor has quickly become a major force with their modern style. Masons home décor is a great online store for people hoping to get contemporary-style decorations for the CNY celebrations.

While widely regarded as one of the best stores for getting Christmas decorations, they also specialize in CNY decorations. Their range of decorations is quite vast containing everything from classics like modern lanterns with an antique flavour alongside hanging decorations and realistic looking replica cherry blossoms.  The best part is that these top-of-the-shelf decorations come at very affordable prices.

Giant Supermarket

Giant Supermarket is probably one of the biggest retail store-chain outlets in Singapore. With a good number of stores scattered all over the island, they make for a convenient place to just walk in and pick what you need. Gian Supermarket always has a wide range of CNY decorations every year, from the very basics to the more extravagant pieces.

You can be sure you will get a great variety of paper cuttings, red packets and even flowers for the Chinese New Year decorations. There are a lot of designs to choose from so if you are not already decided on what you want, you are probably going to have to be there for a few hours taking your time to settle on what exactly you want to get.


We know Ikea is more popular for their flat-pack furniture, it surprises most people to know that they also have their own range of Chinese New Year decorations and a very good one at that. As one would expect, their CNY decorations are of a similarly contemporary style, just like their other products.  make an excellent addition to most offices or homes.

Ikea offers household CNY decoration items like doormats, teapots and cookie tins among others that can liven up your home and make an excellent addition to most offices. You can also find some really nice gift items for your colleagues here. While they are basically an online store, you can visit any of their two brick and mortar stores in Singapore to get a closer feel of the decoration items before purchasing.


If you are looking for embroidered or fabric CNY decorations then Shevron is a great place to check. Their delicately made pieces look beautiful both in the house and in the office, which means that you can give them either as a personal or a corporate gift.

The range of decoration choices at Shevron is also impressive, you can always pick up tableware, cushion covers and even wall hangings on their online CNY outlets. Best of all is that you can go on order custom designed pieces that suit your exact taste.


Naiise is an online retailer of household and decoration items with over 4000 different products, 300 contemporary and design-led brands. If you are shopping at Naiise then, you will definitely be spoilt for choice, their Lunar New Year collection adds a contemporary feel to the regular traditional decorations.

They also have a couple of unique and fascinating gifts that you can get for family, friends, business partners or even your colleagues at work.  They have six brick and mortar shops scattered around Singapore, so you can also go in to get a genuine feel of the decoration items you want to get.

Scene Shang

Scene Shang is a contemporary furniture, homeware and lifestyle label based in Singapore. Scene Shang furniture designs combine eastern styles and western influences with an artistic flair and this is visible even from their CNY designs.

Alongside the uniqueness of their designs, one other thing Scene Shang have going for them is the total number of items on offer, there are always a lot of options to choose from. The brand’s focus is primarily on its range of homeware, furniture and art, making them the best stop for your complimentary CNY decorations.

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