Top 5 Places to get Chinese New Year Flowers


Top 5 Places to get Chinese New Year Flowers

One of the signs that the Chinese New Year is approaching is the sight of many bright and colourful flowers in homes and offices. Apart from being an aesthetically pleasing decoration necessity, flowers are also a sign of goodwill, with some of them having deep-rooted cultural symbols.

Orchids are said to represent fertility and abundance, Marigold symbolizes longevity and the lucky bamboo symbolizes luck, to name but a few. Flowers are often given as gifts to family, friends, colleagues and business partners as an extension of goodwill towards them, wishing them whatever good tiding the flower symbolizes

Shopping for flowers for the Chinese New Year may be a bit of a problem especially for those who do not have any previous experience. We have compiled a list of the best places to shop for flowers in this season. Here they are:

  1. Windflower Florist

Since 1997, Windflower Florist has been a mainstay among Singaporean flower lovers. Their main ideal of blooming smiles in anyone whose lives they touch has been consistently achieved by the beautiful flowers and plants they have provided Singaporeans over time.

Their Lunar New Year Special is a scarlet rose, lily and orchard arrangement which symbolizes a rosy new year that will grow in greater heights and it goes for only $108.00.

Deliveries are done in most areas in Singapore so you may have to go to their store to get your flowers yourself. That may be an advantage seeing as you will get to experience their floral magic first hand before making up your mind on what to get.

Website: www.windflowerflorist.com

  1. Toh Garden

Toh Garden is a tropical orchid grower located in the Sungei Tengah AgroTech Park in Singapore and they have been active for over 20 years. For this Chinese New Year, they have a wide variety of flowers from China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam to complement the traditional home-grown orchids. There will be Cymbidiums, Brassicas, Japanese Camellias, Rhododendrons, Bromeliads, Succulent and other tabletop decorative plants.

Orchids are their speciality and all of them from Toh Garden come with at least 3 stems of blooms with lively colours. When kept in proper conditions the orchid bloom can last as long as 3 months. If you are too busy to stop by and pick out your flowers yourself, you can have them ordered online and sent to any place of your choice. You can order flower packages valued anywhere from $100 to $500

Website: www.tohgarden.com

  1. Far East Flora

Far East Flora is one of Singapore’s biggest florist and specializes in flower bouquets, floral arrangements, and plant gifts for all occasions and events including the Chinese New Year.

Their flowers are flown in from all over the world to make ensure that they have they have the largest variety of flowers in Singapore. Their range of flowers is well over 1000 which means that you are spoilt for choice when shopping with them.

You can visit their website to select your flowers and gift items and have them delivered to your home. Or you can visit any of their two retail stores at Thompson road and City Square Mall

Website: www.fareastflora.com

  1. SG Flower Florist

After years of commitment to bringing Singaporeans the freshest and most colourful flowers around, SG flower florist have established themselves as one of the most reputable local florists around. When it comes to Chinese New Year flowers, they are always well stocked.

They have everything from lilies, roses, sunflowers, tropical orchids and even artificial flowers that will liven up your home or office. For as low as $78.00 you can get an artificial water lilies table arrangement while the exotic CNY prosperity flowers arrangement goes for $98.00

These floral delights can be ordered from their sites and shipped down to any convenient location for you anywhere on the island. You can also get them for free as long as your purchase is above $100 otherwise you will have to pay a stipulated delivery free.

Website: www.sgflowerflorist.com

  1. Gift Florist 2000

Gift Florist 2000 have been providing Singaporeans with floral beauty since the year 2000 and at affordable prices too. Their collection of flowers and plants cover a wide range of needs and events as they work to help express your feelings and create lasting impressions through the smell and beauty of the flowers they provide

You can purchase ready-made flower arrangements from them for reasonable prices. The All Pink Silk Orchid arrangement which is sure to bring colour to any home or office it is placed in can be bought for a price of $108.00 while the Chinese New Year Best wishes floral arrangement goes for $58.00.

Simple flower gifts can be gotten for as low as $5 and you can also enjoy great discounts if you visit their retail store.

Website: www.giftflorist2000.com



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