Top 10 Places for Chinese New Year Buffets


Top 10 Places for Chinese New Year Buffets

One of the best parts of the Chinese New Year celebrations is the reunion dinner. Family members travel from all over to share a meal around the table, if a family member is not able to make it, a space is reserved for them with a plate and cutlery set aside. It is symbolic in its teaching of the importance of family and is a rite practised by virtually all Singaporean families.

As the trend in Singapore has begun to shift from homemade meals to restaurant made due to the busy lifestyle of the people, there has been an increase in buffet offers especially during the Chinese New Year festivities. So, depending on the size of what size of family you have, we have compiled a list of the top buffet offers in Singapore. Here is a list of the top 10 places to check out for a Chinese New Year Buffet, you should definitely find one that suits your needs this CNY.

Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus opens for diners from the 15th of January to the 19th of February to celebrate the year of the pig with a well-stocked menu. Specials like the Slow Roast Spanish Style Suckling Pig are also available for order from all Blue Lotus restaurants. If you make your booking before the 15th of January, you can receive a 10% discount off the set menu price. The available set menu for this year’s festivities are:

Happiness Set Menu @$68++ per person with a minimum of four pax.

Longevity Set Menu @88++ per person with a minimum of four pax.

Prosperity Set Menu @108++ per person with a minimum of two pax.

Harmony Set Menu @188++ per person for between 4 – 6 pax (only for takeaway)


Ma Fu Yuan

Ma Fu Yuan being one of the top restaurants in Singapore opens for all 15 days of the Chinese New Year Celebrations. This year, they have released an amazing eight festive menus. These prixe-fixe menus are available for the entire length of the celebration. The Prixe-fixe menus for this year’s CNY celebration are:

Prosperity Menu @ $128 per guest for a minimum of two diners

Success Menu @ $188 per guest for a minimum of two diners

Abundance Menu @ $268 per guest for a minimum of two diners

Harmony Menu @ $646 for 6 diners and $108 per additional diner

Fortune Menu @ $768 for 6 diners and $128 per additional diner

Bliss Menu @ $1188 for 10 diners and $118 per additional diner

Luck Menu @ $1488 for 10 diners and $148 per additional diner

Wealth Menu @ $1888 for 10 diners and $188 per additional diner

Wan Hao at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

This award-winning restaurant headed by master chef Brian Wong never fails to deliver on Chinese New Year buffets. Their new year set menus contain superbly crafted meals like Scallop, Caviar, Tuna, Salmon and lots more. Their Lunar New Year buffet menus for this year are already available for booking. Dinner sets available for Lunar New Year Celebrants are:

Reunion of Joy @108.80++ per person (4 to 8 pax)

Reunion of Great Fortune @128.80++ per person (8 to 10 pax)

Reunion of Splendour @1588.80++ for 10 persons

Reunion of Grandeur @2088.80++ for 10 persons

Vegetarian Menus @78.80++ per person (4 to 8 pax)



Yan’s new year menu is a combination of the best of Cantonese cuisine, providing the genuine Chinese feel for all diners. There are also specials available for this season including the prosperity lohei, shark cartilage broth and their signature roast crispy suckling pig.  Lunar New Year Menu sets for this year’s festivities are:

Menu 1 @198++ per person a minimum of 2 pax

Menu 2 @188++ per person (4 to 6 pax)

Menu 3 @128++ per person (8 to 10 pax)

Menu 4 @148++ per person (8 to 10 pax)

Menu 5 @178++ per person (8 to 10 pax)

Menu 6 @278++ per person (8 to 10 pax)

Remember to make your orders at least one day in advance of your reservation.


Spark and Flame Catering

Spark and flame are offering a buffet delivery of choice for this year’s celebrations with meals like Grilled Lemon Chicken with Sesame Seed, Fragrant Cereal Fish, Saturated Butter Garlic Prawn and lots more. You also have the opportunity to choose between their delectable Thai Pineapple rice and the mouth-watering Kampong Fried Mee Slam

All these and more are available for just $15.80 per pax between the 7th of February and the 19th of February for a minimum of 30 pax. This offer is for those who will be having huge family meetings and wouldn’t want anyone to be left out. As part of their not leaving anyone out policy, they also have a vegetarian menu list to choose from containing favourites like the Mock Abalone Yu Sheng and Mushroom Fried Rice.

Delivery fee is just $40 and is waived for orders above $600.

Contact: sparkandflame@foodline.sg


Mei Hao Catering

Mei Hao Catering offers home buffet delivery between the 5th and 6th of February. Their buffet is available for $24.88 per pax for a minimum of 30 pax with a delivery cost of $48.

Their buffet service gives you the option of choosing about 9 different dishes for your buffet, the choices are made between two recipes of the same dish like choosing between Thai Style Nonya Prawn or the Shredded Golden Prawn Ball. Rest assured, whatever choice you make is a good one. You can also make a drink side order at very little cost.

Orders should be placed at least 5 days in advance.

Contact: meihao@foodline.sg


The Orange Lantern Gourmet Kitchen Catering

If you are planning to host a party for your friends and family then Orange Lantern Gourmet is one of the very best choices you can have for your buffet.  Their Abundance of Treasure menu for this year’s CNY celebrations goes for $20.80 per pax at a minimum of 30 pax and is accessible between 28 January and 14 February.

The Abundance of Treasure buffet menu allows you to have up to eight dishes and a drink including classics like the Roasted Honey Sesame Chicken and the Fragrant Lotus Leaf Rice. There are also promo deals up for grabs, for instance, there is free Yu Sheng for all orders above $200. Delivery charges of $60 apply on every order.

Contact: orangelantern@foodline.sg

Stamford Catering

Stamford is one of the best catering options for your buffet this Chinese New Year, they offer a Fortune Feast buffet at $16.80 per pax which is very affordable albeit for at least 35 pax. Their offer lasts between 14 January and 24 February and is optimal for large events like family get-togethers.

Among their offerings are the sweet and sour Dory Fillet, prawn paste mid-wing and the Yang Chow Fried Rice. There are also side orders you can make to spice up the order. Their delivery fee is $50.00 but can be waived for orders above $1000

Contact: stamfordcatering@foodline.sg


D’fine Catering

D’fine is offering a special lunar new year buffet at $24.61 per pax between the 21st of January and the 24th of February for a minimum of 30 pax. Items on the buffet include the imperial Abalone Lo hei Platter, Thai Brilliant Mango Fish Fillet and the evergreen Baked Honey Sesame Drulet. The delivery charges of $48.00 are waived once the order is above 60 pax.

Contact: dfinecatering@foodline.sg


Xin Yi Pin Catering

They are another top-notch option for your buffets during this Lunar New Year Celebrations.  Xi Yi Pin is offering the Harmony Menu for just $19.80 per pax on the condition that you purchase more than 30 pax. The menu contains at least 11 items which will be sure to thrill your friends and family. Some of the fan favourites among their offers are the Curry Chicken, Golden Prawn with Fragrant Oat and the Eclairs & Swiss Roll Platter Éclair.

There is also the option of getting tropical fruit Punch and orange cordial at very modest prices.  The delivery fee is just $40 but if you purchase more than 60 pax, it can be waived.

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