Homemade Pineapple Tarts

Get some of the best pineapple tarts you’ll find in Singapore! Our range of delicious pineapple tarts are all homemade and handmade to perfection with only the most premium ingredients. Made with real pineapple – not the artificial kind, and premium butter, you’ll taste the difference immediately as our pineapple tart crust melts in your mouth! Order your pineapple tarts today delivered anywhere in Singapore, or come down for a free tasting!

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With many pineapple tart brands in Singapore, why should you choose those from Poon Confectionary? That's because our pineapple tarts are some of the best around! Using a recipe passed down generation after generation, we make our pineapple tarts with the same love and pride that every home baker has! One of the best things about getting our pineapple tarts is that they are only baked fresh. We only bake and deliver the pineapple tarts in batches, so you'll be receiving your perfect pineapple tarts freshly baked! This might seem like a small detail but it can make a great difference in the taste of the pineapple tarts, as many retail shops selling cny goodies would store their goodies for long periods of time. Our pineapple tarts are also made with all-natural ingredients, meaning that they have no preservatives as well as any artificial ingredients.


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