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Chinese New Year Goodies

Shop from our splendid range of homemade Chinese New Year goodies! Made with all-natural ingredients with no preservatives and artificial flavours, you’re sure to be impressed with our goodies! We deliver to anywhere in Singapore!


Chinese New Year Cookies

Homemade Chocolate Kuih Kapit

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Chinese New Year Cookies

Homemade Peanut Butter Kuih Kapit


Poon Confectionary produces delicious homemade Chinese New Year goodies by working with our community of very good bakers in Malaysia. Our CNY Goodies have been distributed in Singapore for a long time, but this year is the first time we are making an entry into the online retail space. All our CNY Cookies and Goodies are homemade naturally, with no preservatives and artificial flavouring used. Free tasting for our goodies is also available at our shop.

FAQ of Our CNY Goodies

Q: How long do your Chinese New Year Goodies last?

Our CNY Goodies are all homemade and handmade with only natural ingredients. This means that no preservatives are used in the baking process. However, please do note that this also means that our cookies might not be able to keep as long as factory made ones. We recommend that customers store our goodies for a maximum of 6 months, with 3 months being a safer range. This means that our goodies can last for 3-6 months without spoiling. However, please do note that our Kueh Lapis would last for only 2 weeks.

Q: Are Your CNY Goodies Freshly Baked?

Our CNY Goodies are all freshly baked before being sent to you. This means that there is at most a 1-2 weeks of shelf life before they are delivered to you. This is very important in the CNY Goodies business because the freshness of baked goods does affect the quality and taste. As such, we strive to send out all goodies to you within 1-3 days of arrival at our place. This will mean that you get only the freshest goodies for your Chinese New Year celebrations!

Q: Where Are Your Goodies Made?

Our Chinese New Year Goodies are made in Pahang Malaysia, but Poon Confectionary, a bakery that has been around for many years. The goodies are freshly baked upon collection of orders at our website, and then sent out to us here in Singapore by truck.

Q: What is the difference between homemade CNY Goodies and Factory Made Ones?

It's a huge difference! Homemade goodies are made with the best ingredients, and they are batch made so the quality is always better. At Poon Confectionary, we also use our own mixes of special spices to make our goodies taste great! Apart from that, homemade goodies are typically baked better as each part of the baking process is carefully carried out to make sure that only the most perfect tasting cookies are produced.

Q: Where are you located and where do you deliver to?

We are located at 502 Macpherson Road, Singapore, but we deliver to anywhere in Singapore! Our delivery charges are highly reasonable at $6.90 a location, and we offer free delivery for all orders above $100.