Kele Pineapple Tarts Review

Kele Pineapple Tarts Review

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Be it round, square, or rectangle, pineapple tarts are delicious and considered a staple during Chinese New Year. Furthermore, pineapple tarts are often handed as gifts symbolising prosperity and good luck.

Since we enjoy pineapple tarts so much, are the pineapple tarts by Kele as good as we make them out to be?


Kele has been around for decades and has earned its reputation for having delicious pineapple tarts. Voted as having the best pineapple tarts in Singapore, the strong brand established since 1983 has won the hearts of many Singaporeans.

Kele claims that their pineapple tarts are always sold out months before the Lunar New Year, encouraging its patrons to purchase them early.

Currently, Kele offers 7 variations of pineapple tarts. Let’s look at what they offer and whether they are worth the hype.

7 Different Pineapple Tarts Available

1. Traditional Pineapple Tarts

Photo by: Kele

The original pineapple tarts that we all know and love. Kele enhances the flavor of them through their family recipe. The pineapple tarts have a great balance of crust-to-paste ratio. Their golden-brown crust baked to perfection, combined with a hint of milky flavor, will keep one craving for more.

2. Rose Pineapple Tarts

Photo by: Kele

The rose-infused pineapple tarts provide a fascinating floral taste. It is aromatic, and you guessed it; It’s pink!

3. Golden Pineapple Balls

Photo by: Kele

Encased in a buttery crust, the pineapple tart is shaped into a pineapple ball to make it easier to eat. The moist filling is delightful and fragrant. The Golden Pineapple Balls are similar to the Traditional Pineapple Tarts, only differing in shape.

4. Jade Pineapple Balls

Photo by: Kele

This is a special type of pineapple ball. It consists of ingredients such as pandan, coconut, and pineapple. Surprisingly, the flavours blend well together and have a melt-in-the-mouth texture. If you would like to taste something different, this is a fantastic choice.


5. Cocoa Pineapple Balls

Photo by: Kele

Chocolate lovers, this is for you! The bittersweet subtleness of the chocolate and crust is flavourful. You can taste the quality of the chocolate used. It has an interesting taste to it and is very enjoyable.


6. Golden Cheese Pineapple Balls

Photo by: Kele

Everyone loves cheese, and Kele managed to unify the flavours brilliantly. The cheese sprinkled on top of the pineapple balls adds another dimension to the taste profile altogether.

7. Sweet Potato Pineapple Tarts

Photo by: Kele

This is a new flavour Kele is offering and may only be available for a limited time. The sweet potato pineapple tarts are naturally sweet and delectable. However, it is not overly sweet and will appeal to many.

Price Range

Traditional Pineapple Tarts: $27.80 / tin

Rose Pineapple Tarts: $29.80 / tin

Golden Pineapple Balls: $27.80 / tin

Jade Pineapple Balls: $27.80 / tin

Cocoa Pineapple Balls: $27.80 / tin

Golden Cheese Pineapple Balls: $27.80 / tin

Sweet Potato Pineapple Tarts: 29.80 / tin

The pineapple tarts offered by Kele comes in presentable tins and weigh 730 grams, amounting to 30 to 31 pieces of pineapple tarts. The prices above are inclusive of GST. Although Kele’s pineapple tarts may be more expensive than its competitors, the quality of their ingredients and taste is superb.

The Verdict

Kele has solidified itself as a household brand for many Singaporeans. The pineapple tarts they produce are pleasant. There is a good reason why Kele is known to have one of the best pineapple tarts in Singapore.

Personally, I like the Traditional Pineapple Tarts best. It is addictive, tasty, and the filling is not overpowering. Which type of pineapple tarts do you prefer?


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