Free Tasting

We understand that as it’s our first launch in Singapore, many customers do not know much about Royal Bakery. We would usually invite all customers to come down to our shop to taste our goods for free, however due to the pandemic, we will not be implementing this.

Instead. We will be happy to ship some samples over to you so that you can try some free goodies! Just pay a total of $9.90 to receive 8 samples for free! Just foot a flat fee of $4.90 for packaging, packing fees and $6.90 for delivery. 

Each sample pack entitles you to 8 varieties of goodies and one sample each.

Please note that Award Winning Homemade Pineapple Tart, Homemade Peanut Butter Kuih Kapit and Mandarin Oranges are the only cookies not eligible for a free sample!

We have more than 40 types of goodies, from mouthwatering Pineapple tarts to Bak Kwa. If you’re curious in our confectionary heritage or just want to talk to us, we’re more than happy to have you! 


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