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Almond Cookies Recipe and Health Benefits

Almond Cookies is one of the best available cookies that can be made using simple ingredients. It is quite easy and quick to make; and it is so soft, chewy, yummy and tasty! In preparing this delicious cookie, three different types of almonds are employed to give the right flavor. These are ground almonds, sliced […]

Top 5 Yu Sheng Delivery Options this Chinese New Year 2019


Lohei remains one of the most important family activities during the Chinese New Year festive period. It is done to usher in good things for the year ahead. Lohei is traditionally done with the Yusheng meal and this has made it a staple in most Singaporean homes during the festivities. Yu Sheng was traditionally eaten […]

7 Best ways to celebrate Chinese New Year 2019 in Singapore

7 Best ways to celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore Everyone looks forward to the Holidays. You get to spend time with family and friends, travel and enjoy some wonderful pleasures of the world. Singapore being a largely multi-ethnic and multi-religious society is open to so much diversity. However, the most prominent ethnic group in […]

What’s the difference between homemade and bad CNY Goodies?

With a wide variety of Chinese New Year Goodies to choose from this CNY 2019, we’re hoping everyone gets only the best goodies this year! Having been in the Chinese New Year confectionery business for more than 40 years, we hope this article will help you greatly! Machine Made, Mass Produced Goodies Homemade chinese new year are goodies that […]