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Prawn Roll Recipe

Docking the shelves of most bakeries and eateries, this crispy golden harbinger of the Chinese New Year beckons you to bask in its savoury deliciousness… The prawn roll or Hae Bee Hiam roll is an important staple of CNY, as the Prawns symbolize happiness and good fortune, and Spring rolls signify wealth with their gold-bar […]

Peanut Cookies Recipe

According to  Cambridge Dictionary desserts means “sweet food eaten at the end of a meal,” although it also means – in an unofficial way – happiness in bites, because there is nothing better after a long day at the office than pampering yourself with a delicious dessert accompanied by a Kopi-O or your favorite tea. […]

Peanut Cookies Calories and Health Benefits

Introducing the Most Delicious and Healthy Cookie Peanut cookies are eminent for having peanut butter as the main and principal ingredient. In Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, cookies are offered as hostess gifts and snacks for the visitors on special occasions such as Hari Raya, Deepavali and New Year. They are loved for their distinctively […]