Best Taiwan Pineapple Tarts in Singapore

Have you experienced the delicious taste of pineapple tarts? Like everyone else do you like to relish the best tang of these pineapple filled pastries? Absolutely yes, you cannot deny the sweetness of these buttery, yummy and creamy treats.

Pineapple tarts are considered as one of the most and widely consumed sweet by Chinese. There is no Chinese New Year that starts without pineapple tarts.

Pineapple Tarts in Singapore

The consumption of Pineapple tarts has increased significantly in Singapore.  With countless options available in the market, it becomes difficult for a person to choose the right place to get the best pineapple tarts.

However, you do not need to worry any more. We are here to solve this issue for you. In this article, we will be providing you with some of the best options from where you can get delicious, fresh and creamy pineapple tarts in Singapore.

Either you want to get some pineapple tarts for your family, for your guests, or your eating pleasure, you can get them from any of the following providers.  

Best Taiwan Pineapple Tarts in Singapore 

1. Poon Confectionary










Poon confectionary is known to be the best in the house in serving creamy, yummy and delicious pineapple tarts. Not only pineapple tarts but also all other items baked by them are freshly made, nutritious and wholesome.

They provide delivery at your doorstep. Poon Confectionary claims that they do not store products. Their products are freshly baked and delivered instantly. This feature makes them unique from others.

They claim that all their Chinese New Year goodies are homemade and handmade. They keep on updating their ingredients to improve the taste of their products.

One feature that makes their viewpoint stand out from    others is that they offer free tasting of their products    once you head down to their shop.

We strongly recommend you to give a try to their pineapple tarts. Detailed information about their products and pricing can be gathered from the following sources.

Location: 5 Guillemard Road Singapore, 399685 (Free tasting available here)

Contact: +65 9794 9829

Email: admin@cnydelivery.com

Website: https://cnydelivery.com/       

2. Pineapple Tarts Singapore










Pineapple Tarts Singapore is an online pastry store that offers delicious pineapple pastries. Their pastries are made with fresh ingredients.

They provide delivery services as well. You have to place an order, and they will deliver sweet Pineapple tarts at your doorstep.

Their pineapple tarts are incredibly buttery, juicy and soft. They are extremely creamy and melt quickly once you put them in your mouth.

Give a try to their yummy jam-filled pineapple tarts to delight yourself. You can get the details of their pricing and product range from their website.

Location: 39A Jalan Pemimpin, 03-01C, Singapore 577183

Contact: +65 8481 5596

Website: https://pineappletarts.sg/

3. Le Café Confectionery and Pastry









Le Café Confectionery and Pastry claim to be the first in Singapore to introduce golf ball-shaped pineapple tarts.

Each of their golf ball-shaped pineapple tart comes with a buttery crust enclosing handmade pineapple jam in it.

Their pineapple filling is much smoother compared to other brands. Pineapple tarts from Le Café Confectionery are a must-try delicacy.

If you want yummy pineapple tarts with a crumbly crust and smoother pineapple jam filling you must try their product.

Each bite of this delicious treat provides guaranteed satisfaction to your taste buds and a festive spirit.

Location: 31/33 Mackenzie Road, #01-01, Singapore 228686

Contact: +65 6337 2417  

Website: http://www.lecafe.com.sg/

4. Crystal Jade










Crystal Jade is well-known for serving buttery crust pineapple tarts. Their pineapple tarts are smooth, delicious and flavorful.

Pineapple tarts from Crystal Jade have a light and flaky texture. This flaky texture adds much more crunch to their taste.

You can buy their pineapple tarts using the following information. 

Location: 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238873

Contact: +65 6238 1411

Website: https://www.crystaljade.com/

5. D’Pastry

D’Pastry offers exclusive samplings for their Lunar New Year goodies. With yummy and crunchy flavour, pineapple tarts are considered as their best product. 

You may not find their outlet to be attractive, but their staff is very friendly and cooperative. Most importantly, their pastries are worth trying.

Make sure to grab their special tarts as earlier as possible. Otherwise, the office crowd would have cleared their stock by the end of the day!

Location: Blk 3020, Ubi Avenue 2, #01-121, Singapore 408896  

Website: https://www.dpastry-sg.com/pineapple-tarts

6. Amethyst Pastry & Cakes







Serving the Pineapple tarts glazed with cheese, Amethyst Pastry & Cakes claims to be the creator of cheese-flavoured pineapple tarts.

Their salty and crispy layered pineapple tarts look great with a sweet pineapple jam filling inside them.  

However, the pineapple fillings are a bit too moist and taste a bit too sweet. Nevertheless, the tarts are perfectly bite-sized, and the outer crust gives an appealing and crispy texture.

Location: Blk 524A Jelapang Road #02-04, Greenridge Shopping Centre

Contact: 6759 2338

Website: http://www.amethystpastry.com/

7. Marina Cake House

The Chinese New Year Pineapple Tarts offered by Marina Cake House come with delicious, yummy, and juicy pineapple filling.

These tarts are perfect for those people who have a sweet tooth.

These juicy pineapple tarts melt in the mouth, giving a tangy taste. Their juicy tarts are a must-try.

 Location: 30 Raffles Place, Chevron House, #B1-K1, Singapore 048622

Contact: +65 6536 0062

Website: http://mirana.com.sg/

8. Kele Pineapple Tarts 

Kele’s pineapple tarts were voted as the best tarts in Singapore during a competition held by a local shopping mall in 2013. These tarts also featured in a renowned airline’s travel magazine in 2014. 

In their quest to be Singapore’s best brand for pineapple tarts, Kele keeps on improving the quality of their ingredients. They focus on making mouthwatering products for their valued customers.

Kele Cake’s Pineapple Tarts come in two forms, i.e. open-faced and golden balls. The former is topped with a thick portion of pineapple jam that is the perfect blend of sweet and sour flavours.

Location: 517 Jurong West Street 52, Singapore 640517

Contact: +65 6560 1249  

Website: https://www.kele.sg/

9. Bengawan Solo

Bengawan Solo is a large local bakery in Singapore. In terms of delicious taste, Bengawan Solo’s pineapple tarts are considered legendary. Their pineapple tarts are offered in two forms, i.e. Regular and Premium.

The tarts taste sour upon biting into them but do not get your hopes down so soon. Consecutive bites of this yummy treat reveal a buttery taste balanced with a flaky pastry and fibrous fruits.

Location: 391A Orchard Road, Takashimaya (Ngee Ann City), #B207-2-2, Singapore 238873

Contact: +65 6735 5391

Website: http://www.bengawansolo.com.sg/

10. SunnyHills

SunnyHill Pineapple Cakes/tarts are made from freshly selected pineapples. These pineapples have been specially selected from the hills of Ba Gua (Eight Trigram) Mountain in Taiwan. They are then sun-dried and combined with the purest ingredients.

Each piece of these special cakes reveals a tangy sweetness upon bite.

Location: 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B, #B1-27A, Takashimaya, Singapore 238872

Contact: 65-85229605

Website: https://www.sunnyhills.com.tw/index/en/


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