10 Best Pineapple Tarts In Singapore

Pineapple tarts are bite-size buttery, crumbly and fragrant sweet delights. This sugary toothy treats come in the form of rolls, open-faced or even ball-shaped. Before baking, these butter pineapple jam pastries are often glazed with egg yolk that will leave them with an afterglow of golden brown when freshly removed from the oven heat.

Different variations of these baked pastry-filled pineapple jam are found in the various parts of Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore. A comparable tartlet is the Taiwanese pineapple cake. Even though in Singapore this savoury sweet tartlet is a must-have during festive season, it is without doubt that even during normal day-to-day occasions, pineapple tarts are still available for purchase and consumption.

With so many Singapore bakeries stating that they have the superb skills and great pineapple tarts, in this article we will present a selection of 10 best pineapple tarts in Singapore.

Food note: Different individual will have different fondness towards their taste of pineapple tarts. The list here is according to our taste. Nonetheless, we encourage you to request and perform taste test on available samples to discover that pineapple tart treasure most suited towards your liking.


  1. Poon Confectionary

When it comes to baking cheese pineapple tarts, Poon Confectionary, established since 1971, is certainly the best for this culinary craft. With their years of expertise, this is one bakery that is continuously perfecting their recipe ever since.   One bite into one of their pineapple tarts and you can enjoy the intense butter aromas intertwined with a rich sweet pineapple jam filling. Every pineapple tart is zealously homemade. The food experts here ensure that no preservatives and only the finest ingredients are used. All you need is to purchase a box and you will be craving for more.

In a pineapple judging competition, their pineapple tarts were praised for its soft crust with the appropriate moisture and having a great balance between the cinnamon’s spiciness and sweetness from the pineapple jam.

Location: Geylang Lorong 8, 5 Guillemard Road, 399685.
Contact: +65 97949829
Website: https://cnydelivery.com/product/pineapple-tarts/

  1. Bakerzin

 At Bakerzin, every pineapple tart is passionately designed to resemble a gold ingot for prosperity. With a distinguishing pineapple acidity and essence combined with a finely baked and salted crust, Bakerzin pineapple tarts radiates and can entice any pineapple tart devotees to consume these tartlets.

Location: 10 outlets, including 03-58/59 Jurong Point, and 01-05/6/7 Connexion@Farrer Park
Contact: +65 62448265
Website: www.bakerzin.com

  1. D’Pastry

This is definitely not your usual pineapple tart. When placed onto one’s mouth palate, the taste of this sweet savoury pineapple jam filled tartlet is known to be multifaceted with a perfect blend of acid, butter and floral flavours. D’Pastry has creatively composed a recipe to keep pineapple tart lovers wanting more.

Location: #01-121 Block 3020 Ubi Avenue 2
Contact: +65 67427168
Website: www.d-pastry.com

  1. True Blue Cuisine

If you’re looking for a perfectly salted and crumbly butter tasting pineapple tart, True Blue Cuisine will have that in store for you. Pineapple tart enthusiasts have commented that their sweet savoury pastry has the authentic taste and a pronounced flavour. When devoured, the extra bit of saltiness is derived from the quality of butter used coupled with a mild acidity pineapple jam that is not too sweet or sour has made it to the top of the list for some pineapple tart lovers.

Location: Two outlets, including 47/49 Armenian Street
Contact: +65 64400449
Website: www.truebluecuisine.com

  1. Bengawan Solo

Bengawan Solo has been a famous Singaporean brand since starting out in 1979 by Tjendri Anastasia whom originated from Indonesia. Their skills and craft that composed their pineapple tarts are definitely not to be missed. Every pineapple tart is evenly glazed and baked with a tasty golden brown look. When these pineapple tarts are out from the oven, the cheese in the pastry combined with the aroma, anyone walking past can feel their mouth-water. If you’re looking to satisfy your pineapple tart cravings, this is indeed a recommended place to buy from.

Location: 40 outlets, including B4-38 Ion Orchard, and B1-78/9 Parkway Parade
Contact: +65 67569113
Website: http://www.bengawansolo.com.sg/

  1. Glory

At Glory, every pineapple tart made has a subtle moist and crumbly texture. When bitten, the crust falls nicely and produces a beautiful alluring aroma that can ignite your senses.  The pineapple tart jam filling is neither too sweet nor sour. With such a tasty blend, if you’re passionate about pineapple tarts, this is definitely a brand to try out.

Location: 139 East Coast Road
Contact: +65 64435395
Website: www.gloryfood.com.sg

7. Harrianns

At Harrianns, you can expect pineapple tarts with a different flavour. Their technique of slightly overcooking their pineapple provides the tangy jam a darker caramelized look and richer fragrance to their pineapple tarts. With a crunchier crust and less sweet pineapple jam coating, anyone who has a preference for a richer and less sugary taste will find this a hit.

Location: Three outlets, including 01-01A Bugis Junction
Contact: +65 62381200
Website: www.harrianns.com

  1. Goodwood Park Hotel

Here is one place where we find that they serve pineapple tarts with a classier posh feel. A beautiful blend and balanced aroma as well as flavour, pineapple tart lovers can enjoy the exquisite taste when munching these tartlets. Everything about Goodwood Park Hotel baked pineapple tarts showcases their fine culinary style. These pineapple tarts await to satisfy any pineapple tart fanatic cravings.

Location: Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228221
Contact: +65 6737 7411
Website: https://www.goodwoodparkhotel.com/dining

  1. Kele Cakes

When it comes to having the right balance in pineapple to buttery tart crust ratio, Kele Cakes has successfully accomplished that. Every part of the crust oozes out a milky taste and the crumbly texture of their pineapple tart is gorgeous. When you’re considering to purchase and consume pineapple tarts, Kele Cakes is definitely a go-to shop for this.

Location: Five locations, including Takashimaya Square, Ngee Ann City, Basement 2
Contact: Call +65 67107886
Website: www.kele.sg 


Do you have no qualms about stepping up to a new pineapple tart adventure? Consider trying out SPRMRKT distinctive Lemongrass Earl Grey pineapple tarts. Crunch into the splendid buttered crust imbued with authentic Earl Grey tea leaves and you’ll step into a world of savoury spunky pineapple jam with lemongrass flavours. This isn’t the typical tart you’ll find but nonetheless, we’re voting for this.

Location: SPRMRKT at Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road, 02-13 Cluny Court, S259760
Contact: +65 97364170
Website: https://sprmrkt.com.sg/

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